Α path towards cultural integration of refugees and migrants

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Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 17690
Garoufali Α., Kalfopoulou D., Kalomoiris Y., Kokkinou A., Kokovidou S., Korka T., Plaka A., Rodakinia E., Vezyrogianni A.
Moustaira E.
Efharis Mascha Dr., juris Katerina Papadopoulou Dr.
Banti Markouti Dr. juris V.

The book "Culture and Migration - Α path towards cultural integration of refugees and migrants" consists of an array of research, quantitative and qualitative, on cultural organisations regarding the cultural integration of refugees and migrants. Cultural organizations during the recent migration crisis, from 2015 onwards, have organised numerous cultural activities aiming to integrate refugees and migrants. More specifically, people on the move either refugees or immigrants, upon entering a host country experience a new reality, painful and traumatic but sometimes creative and culturally rich. In this context, museums, galleries or small NGOs, can be instrumental in the effort to integrate, support their education and improve migrant’s living conditions. In addition, efforts have been made to preserve and reproduce in the host country intangible cultural heritage issues, to remain unchanged over time despite the displacement of the population due to war or other violent movements. This project appeals to those involved in cultural and social integration organizations for refugees and migrants. It is also a valuable tool for academic research in the field of human rights and cultural studies and for those working in the field of RSD (Refugee Status Determination).

Preface, Elina N. Moustaira Σελ. VII
Acknowledgements Σελ. IX
Introduction, Efharis Mascha Σελ. 1
Structure of the book Σελ. 2
Chapter 1
intangible cultural heritage
I. The intangible cultural heritage of refugees, Tonia Korka Σελ. 5
A. Abstract Σελ. 5
B. The gaps of the legal framework Σελ. 5
C. The 2003 Convention of UNESCO for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Σελ. 8
D. The role of the intangible cultural heritage in refugee camps Σελ. 9
E. Concluding Remarks Σελ. 11
Bibliography Σελ. 12
II. Refugees and asylum seekers in Greece and their intangible cultural heritage (ICH), Kalfopoulou Dimitra Σελ. 15
A. Abstract Σελ. 15
B. Introduction Σελ. 15
1. Intangible cultural heritage (ICH) and actions to protect the ICH of refugees. Σελ. 16
2. Expressions of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) of Refugees Σελ. 17
3. Changes in the way the Intangible Cultural Heritage is expressed in Greece Σελ. 19
C. Survey results Σελ. 20
D. Conclusion Σελ. 31
References Σελ. 32
Chapter 2
cultural activities run by ngo’s, libraries and communities
I. Social Inclusion and integration of refugees through cultural activities: a case study of local NGO’s in Attica, Katerina Plaka Σελ. 33
A. Abstract Σελ. 33
B. Introduction Σελ. 33
C. Literature review Σελ. 34
D. Methodology Σελ. 36
E. Research Outcomes Σελ. 37
1. Interviews Σελ. 37
i. Farzad Kamangar Σελ. 37
ii. Culture Workshop Σελ. 38
iii. Center for Immigrants Integration (KEM) Σελ. 39
iv. Melissa Network Σελ. 40
i. Demographics Σελ. 42
ii. Program Participation Σελ. 46
iii. Expectations from the Programs Σελ. 49
iv. Update-Implementation Σελ. 51
F. Conclusion Σελ. 53
Bibliography Σελ. 55
II. The role of libraries in social inclusion of refugees and immigrants: theoretical approaches and actions, Angeliki Garoufali Σελ. 57
A. Abstract Σελ. 57
B. Introduction Σελ. 57
C. Contribution of libraries to the inclusion of vulnerable groups Σελ. 58
D. Libraries as a physical space: sociological theories Σελ. 59
E. Actions of Greek libraries for immigrants and refugees Σελ. 61
F. Actions of Libraries abroad for immigrants and refugees Σελ. 63
G. Conclusion Σελ. 65
Bibliography Σελ. 66
III. Popular culture and its role in tackling the traumatic experiences of the refugee, Eleni Rodakinia Σελ. 68
A. Abstract Σελ. 68
B. Introduction Σελ. 68
C. The Pontian refugees in Greece Σελ. 69
D. The “Momogeroi” custom Σελ. 71
E. The migration and refugee issue in Greece today Σελ. 73
F. Epilogue Σελ. 76
Bibliography Σελ. 77
Chapter 3
museum management
I. Cultural Intelligence and museum management: organizing cultural activities for refugees and migrants, Alexandra Vezyrogianni Σελ. 79
A. Abstract Σελ. 79
B. Introduction Σελ. 79
C. Concept of Cultural Intelligence Σελ. 80
D. The transition from Cognitive Intelligence to Emotional and Cultural Intelligence Σελ. 81
E. The Road to Leadership in the Contemporary Globalized Society Σελ. 82
F. Multiculturalism and Museums in Greece Σελ. 84
G. Conclusions Σελ. 88
References Σελ. 89
II. Museum management and refugees. The Archeological Museum of Kilkis and the case study of the NGO Omnes in Kilkis, Kokovidou Sofia Σελ. 90
A. Abstract Σελ. 90
B. Introduction Σελ. 90
C. Greece is facing a new reality: the recent immigrants’ and refugees’ wave Σελ. 91
D. The refugees’ and immigrants’ wave as Kilkis experienced it Σελ. 92
E. The cultural activities of the Greek museums for the immigrant-refugee issue Σελ. 92
F. The Omnes organization, a bright example of solidarity Σελ. 95
G. Conclusion Σελ. 98
Bibliographical and online references Σελ. 99
III. The contribution of the Hellenic Red Cross to culture and the response to the refugee crisis: The need to establish the Hellenic Red Cross Museum, Amalia Kokkinou Σελ. 100
A. Abstract Σελ. 100
B. Introduction Σελ. 100
C. The concept of culture Σελ. 101
D. The Hellenic Red Cross imprint on culture Σελ. 102
E. Red Cross Museums: the international experience Σελ. 103
F. The phenomenon of the refugee crisis and the Hellenic Red Cross Σελ. 104
G. The need and dimensions of the potential HRC Museum Σελ. 106
H. General description of the proposal for the HRC Museum Σελ. 108
Bibliography Σελ. 110
Chapter 4
the case of the parthenon sculptures housed in the british museum
I. Drawing an analogy between refugees and the Parthenon sculptures, Katerina Papadopoulou Σελ. 111
A. Abstract Σελ. 111
B. Introduction Σελ. 111
C. First set of analogies: How the sculptures were removed by the Parthenon complex and reached England Σελ. 112
D. Second set of analogies: The time that the sculptures remain in England Σελ. 115
E. Τhird set of analogies: Τheir return to Greece Σελ. 116
F. Cultural property case law Σελ. 119
G. Conclusions Σελ. 121
References Σελ. 122
Chapter 5
accommodation center for minor refugees in anogia
I. Hiketeia and Asylum on Xenios Zeus Foothills. The culture of communities and the intangible cultural heritage as an inter cultural method of approaching the Refugee phenomenon, Yiorgos Kalomoiris Σελ. 123
A. Abstract Σελ. 123
B. Hiketeia, Supplicants and the unwritten laws in common cultural memory Σελ. 124
C. Mnt Ida, the timeless shelter of a fugitive god Σελ. 127
D. The accommodation center for minor refugees from war regions in Anogeia as an element of intangible cultural heritage of Psilortitis Σελ. 128
References Σελ. 133
Index Σελ. 135
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