Current aspects and future perspectives
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Bottis M.

The Ionian University, School of Information Science and Informatics, Department of Archive and Library Sciences, in collaboration with LiSS (Living in Surveillance Societies Programme), organized a workshop titled ʽSurveillance in Academiaʼ, which took place in Athens, February 23-24, 2012. A series of papers were presented in the two-days seminar, in which more than 25 speakers discussed their work together in Athens. The Seminar was selected for funding after a review process of many workshop proposals, by the European LiSS Management Committee. This volume is the workshopʼs proceedings, where some papers from the International Conference on Information Law and Ethics 2011 and 2012 were added, to make a more complete work. The aim is to offer a volume not only on surveillance in connection to academia, although this is the main theme, but more widely, on modern privacy issues as well. Twenty one papers comprise this volume.

Foreword, George BokosΣελ. XI
Introduction, Maria BottisΣελ. XIII
I. Privacy: theory 
Social control after FoucaultΣελ. 3
Michalis Lianos 
Elements of convergence in the historical origins and ideological foundations of the US and European privacy law: the nexus between the "right to be let alone" and continental jurisdictions Σελ. 24
Konstantia-Christine Lachana 
Between public and personal information - not prohibited, therefore permitted?Σελ. 45
Ville Kainu & Koskinen Jani 
Big brother is -still- watching youΣελ. 60
Marina Rigou 
A theoretical legal policy for privacy protection in JapanΣελ. 68
Yohko Orito & Kiyoshi Murata 
II. Privacy: particular topics 
The conformity to the provisions of the Constitution of Greece of the «anonymity on the internet»Σελ. 85
Dimitris Anastasopoulos 
Genetic privacy versus genetic solidarity in the field of donation and expectation of benefits in research biobanksΣελ. 103
Angeliki Barmpagalou 
Not a scalpel: RFID implants for patients and personnel in hospitalsΣελ. 113
Maria Bottis 
EU's Data Protection Reform and the right to be forgotten - A legal response to a technological challenge?Σελ. 125
Lilian Mitrou & Maria Karyda 
The right to oblivion as an expression of the human right to privacyΣελ. 151
Napoleon Xanthoulis 
Privacy protection in an e-Health environmentΣελ. 164
Maria Milossi 
Transnational e-government systems: A tale of European integration and surveillanceΣελ. 187
Georgia Foteinou 
RFID chips and EU e-passports: the end of privacy?Σελ. 199
Maria Nikita 
III. Privacy and social networks 
Facebook as a challenge to privacyΣελ. 215
Fereniki Panagopoulou-Koutnatzi 
Regulating privacy on Online Social Networks (OSNs): possibility or utopia in the digital era?Σελ. 234
Despina Spatha 
IV. Surveillance in Academia 
Online survey, reservations, considerations and scientific conclusions on the students' opinion of University of CreteΣελ. 257
Minas Samatas 
Surveillance, data protection and libraries in Europe and the US- notes on an empirical data case study on surveillance and Greek academic librariesΣελ. 272
Maria Bottis 
The use of technical means for the electronic surveillance of universitiesΣελ. 283
Fereniki Panagopoulou-Koutnatzi 
Surveillance of university (campus) computer networksΣελ. 299
Vagelis Papakonstantinou 
Academic libraries and social networking sites. A new concern for surveillance in academic communityΣελ. 309
Anna-Maria Piskopani 
Privacy and video surveillance in academic libraries Σελ. 324
Vassiliki Strakantouna 
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