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The family of legal software products Alma next (Automated Legal Management Application) has been completed, offering 5 new cutting-edge products: Alma practice, Alma e-timologisi, Alma library, Alma real estate and Alma bank that introduce the law firm and the legal departments of businesses and banks in a new era of organization and productivity.

Alma next SaaS is the first interoperable legal flow platform that has been launched to link the day-to-day organization of the legal entity that manages it with:

  • the courts (solon system, electronic filing of lawsuits, online monitoring of the issuance of a court decision, etc.),
  • the bank of legal content of Nomiki Vivliothiki, Qualex (www.qualex.gr),
  • educational interactive content,
  • legal toolbox with calculation of legal and default interest, legal proceedings, charts, checklists, procedural deadlines, etc.

The basic Alma practice application is accompanied by 4 independent products, Alma e-timologisi for the issuance of financial data in compliance with the provisions of AADE, Alma Library for the optimal organization of the library, Alma real estate for the monitoring of real estate and Alma Web Bank for the organization of the legal departments of banks

Alma practice
New era in the organization of law firms & companies

The basic application of the Alma next SaaS family, Alma Practice allows each authorized user to manage files, clients, cases, tasks and financial data through continuous access to updated legal content. Thanks to the built-in calendar (with full synchronization with outlook calendar) and smart reminder system, it provides a systematic monitoring of the progress of cases, as well as all the tasks required to be done for them.

Automatic archiving of documents and e-mails through Microsoft Office, integrate the source of information, saving valuable resources and time, standardizing almost all of the user's daily work. Finally, the fully customizable character of the Alma Practice application, makes it completely adaptable to the personal needs of each user, regardless of size and complexity of work.

  • Easy to organize and manage files, clients, cases, finances and tasks
  • Systematic monitoring of the progress of cases
  • Alma next allows you to constantly access your "contacts" and all the "tasks" of your cases in the calendar on your smartphone via the Outlook calendar.
  • Automatically archive documents and e-mails through MS Office
  • Automatic issuance of a detailed account
  • Fully customizable to the needs of the law firm or company
  • Automatic calculation of deadlines and list of required procedural actions
  • Interest rate computer tool
  • Tool for court costs
  • Government Gazette Search Engine
  • Interconnection with the Qualex Database of Nomiki Vivliothiki for Searching for Bibliography-Legislation-Jurisprudence
  • Add updated templates in electronic form, ready for editing and use in Cases
  • New list “Allowances” for the registration and grouping of disputed movable and immovable property
  • High speed access and remote operation Alma next provides you with access from wherever you are and the fastest remote use of the application, VPN

Alma e-timologisi
Electronic issuance of tax data and collection of receipts

  • Electronic invoicing in accordance with the requirements of AADE
  • Full customer data recording
  • Issuance of Service Invoices (ICT)
  • Issuance of Retail Transaction Receipts
  • Monitoring Receipts - Other customers
  • Possibility of full configuration based on your needs

Alma library
Turn your library into a performance tool

  • Easy (full text) search of bibliography through all the books of the law firm
  • Automatic introduction (via web) of all the titles of Nomiki Vivliothiki
  • Extensive Search online Database of Nomiki Vivliothiki (Bibliography-Legislation-Jurisprudence)
  • Fast and easy introduction of new books and magazines
  • Internal lending monitoring system among office partners
  • Adaptable to each of your specialized needs

Alma real estate
Real estate management and utilization

  • Recording and management of any type of real estate
  • Creation of a common base for all real estate related services: Legal Service, Real Estate Directorate, Technical Service, Financial Service
  • Quick search of all data such as: technical data of plots, plots of land, buildings - privately owned or leased -, contracts, plans, photographs, permits, etc.
  • Registration of real estate history
  • Automatic pending reminder system such as: expiration of licenses or leases
  • Customizable to every specialized need of your company

Alma bank
Modern, interconnected banking services

  • Effective management of all actions of the Legal Services Directorate
  • Interface with other applications and the Bank's systems
  • Secure exchange of information between the Bank's departments
  • Interconnection of external lawyers for assignment, liquidation, etc.
  • Acceleration of control procedures, graduated configuration, etc.
  • Establishment of cooperation networks with banking professionals, lawyers, etc.
  • Adjustable to every specialized need of the Bank
They use Alma ...
Customer reviews

A useful tool for our Legal Department and its attorneys; well-organized, clear, straightforward and easy to use – these are some of the features our department has greatly appreciated.

Anastasios Kaimakis

Deputy Director of the Legal Department


Alma Pro is a particularly lawyer-friendly program, because it is simple, quick, pleasant and easy to use. It has contributed decisively to the organization of the large case backlog of our Legal Department, now easily handled by a large number of users with different operational needs. It has adapted to user requirements instead of having users adapt to the "boundaries" of a system.

Isavella Hatzipli

General Director of the Legal Department & Real Property


A tool that is necessary in order to organize and monitor our cases, as well as to assess the effectiveness of our associates, saving time from the daily management of our law firm. It is user-friendly for lawyers, regardless of how familiar they are with new technologies, since the environment of this application, albeit multidimensional, is easy to capture. One of the most significant advantages of the Alma Pro software is its ability to record, analyze and calculate charges and expenses based on actions performed per case for each client. The information can be exported with ease, while the level of detail in the analysis perfectly satisfies our firm.

Yannis Kelemenis

Managing Partner


Our law firm has been using Alma Pro for the last 3 years and this software has contributed considerably in an improved classification of files and case; it has enabled an easier and more fluid communication between our associates, and it constitutes an excellent tool for monitoring pending affairs. This program has also been helpful in terms of billing and drawing up accounts; the fact that it is so easy to use is yet another significant factor. We would definitely recommend it!

Helen Trova



Following the useful training on the features of the Alma Pro software, provided to us by the NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI staff, our firm was fully ready to use the program, which – being adapted to new technologies, easy to use and with unlimited capacity in terms of registering legal data and corporate data – has been the essential means of organizing our firm.

Korina Ouzouni


The Alma Prosoftware has proved to be a tool for the efficient management of not only the workload but also the human resources of our Legal Department. Its flexibility has allowed for customization to our needs, contributing decisively in modernizing, organizing and managing our workload and cases, and offering, among other things, data security, search speed, statistics, and interoperability with other systems of the Bank.

Antoinette Oikonomopoulou

Director of the Legal Department


The Alma Pro software has really helped in organizing and administering cases of the Legal Department of our corporate group. It is particularly user-friendly and therefore extremely useful both to lawyers and administrative assistants in our Department. We have been using Alma Pro for 2 years and we are convinced we will be keeping it for many more years, as the ideal tool for a prompt management of our various pending affairs. The organization of a specific seminar on the possibilities Alma Pro offers in practice has also been particularly helpful: it has truly enabled us to “discover” possibilities we had not been able to identify earlier. The support received from the NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI team has been exceptional. We strongly recommend it to every fellow lawyer, law firm or corporate legal department.

Panayotis Alexandrakis

Director of the Legal Department


Following some initial hesitation and after a first period of entering data, one can tell that ALMA is not merely a tool, but rather a colleague, who is there for you 24/7, with answers to most questions. Maybe even all questions, as long as this is something you have allowed for …
A tool that is totally necessary for the collaboration between our central office and other branches, ALMA is not static; it evolves and it adapts. Most importantly? Behind ALMA, there is a restless team, always there to answer questions, indicate solutions for any problem and work on new possibilities.

Dimitra Felouka



Alma is an easy to use software, which helps to improve the organization and management of a law firm or practice. The separate tabs feature is very helpful, allowing for classification of information, data and actions per client; data entered is easily accessible for future reference. Registering performed actions is helpful not only in retrieving and remembering steps previously taken, but also in billing clients. The Alma law calendar is equally important, offering reminders for hearings and lapsing time-limits. In general, this is a reliable software with multiple functions, each contributing in improving the organization and management of your legal practice.

Christina Hatzidimitriou

Administrative Assistant


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