Inspection copies

NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI offers academics free access to electronic copies of its publications, for a limited time, in order to enable them to select adequate manuals and materials to better organise their teaching activities.

This opportunity is also given to individuals responsible for University Libraries of public institutions, for the purpose of exploring publications that could be suitable for the library concerned.

Interested parties may fill in the electronic request for an inspection copy, in order to be granted a 2-month access to the e-book of the publication concerned.


  • Free limited access to e-books is available for manuals, university textbooks, doctoral dissertations and other studies published by NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI, provided that they are available in e-book format, and for teaching and research purposes only.
  • NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI examines requests for inspection copies and may approve them at its discretion. Requesting parties are notified by e-mail regarding approval or rejection of their request.
  • In case of approval of an inspection copy request, the requesting party shall receive a password for access to the relevant e-book on the webpage under the specific terms specified in that page.
  • Free access to inspection copies shall be active for 2 months following activation.
  • The above is without prejudice to the right of NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI to reject an inspection copy request at its full discretion.
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