EODID Athens Mediation & Arbitration Organization is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services provider, aiming at enabling the prompt, cost-effective and efficient resolution of any dispute eligible for mediation and/or arbitration.

Located in the center of Athens, and building on the successful provision of housing & accommodation services by NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI since 2000, for both domestic and international arbitral proceedings, EODID Athens offers high quality services in modern facilities, in collaboration with prominent Arbitrators and Mediators, highly experienced in ADR for both domestic and international disputes.

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Dispute Resolution with EODID Athens

  • Free of unnecessary waiting time for hearing dates
  • Swift Mediator selection procedure
  • Reliable and flexible Arbitrator appointment procedure
  • Dispute resolution calendar adaptable to the needs of any dispute
  • Case resolved within 30 days in Mediation, 6 months in Arbitration
  • Modern facilities adaptable to suit the needs of the case

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