Job Opportunities

NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI employs 190 individuals in Athens, Pireaus, Patra and Thessaloniki, and has repeatedly been included among Europe’s 500 dynamic entrepreneurs, receiving the relevant award by the XXIII EU Directorate; between 1995-2000 its growth amounted to more than 400% in terms of turnover and human resources.

The organizational structure of NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI comprises eight (8) independent departments (Legal Editing, Sales, Provision of Services, Production, IT, Innovation, Software Development, and Congress, Event & Arbitration Hosting) which offer significant career opportunities through job vacancies.

On top of formal requirements and actual skills, eligible candidates and future collaborators should display a strong team spirit, integrity of character, efficiency, love for learning and a general commitment to growing within an employee-friendly corporate culture with respect for employee rights and flexibility to embrace each individual’s differences.

If you are interested in collaborating with us (in-house or freelance), please fill in the form below to send us your request.


Here at NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI we enjoy offering students the opportunity to apply their knowledge to a real working environment, acquiring work experience in all operating units of our Group, enjoy on-the-job training, and develop skills which will render them more competent and will improve their productivity.

NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI collaborates with academic institutions offering internship opportunities to students in the following areas:

  • Software development (Web, Mobile & Desktop applications)
  • Web servers maintenance and support
  • Content management
  • Graphic design & Desktop publishing

If you are interested in an internship with us, please fill in the form below to send us your request.

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