Corporate Social Responsibility

Honoring the legal community to which the company belongs, Nomiki Bibliothiki believes in the generosity of returning for the benefit of the common good and undertakes actively Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions. By resolution of the Board of Directors, the company’s annual budget for sponsorships and other CSR actions has been set to 5% of its turnover. The amount is used to provide, among other things:

  • Post-doctoral scholarships managed by the non-profit organization “Politeia Dikaiou”,
  • Financial and organisational support for congresses and conferences of Associations of scholars, Bar Associations, Courts, Correctional Facilities, Sports Clubs for legal professionals etc.,
  • Promotion of the love of reading and studying, through the, free of charge, distribution of thousands of relevant books to students of law and human sciences at the beginning of each academic term,
  • Free hosting, in its congress premises, of scientific and cultural events of students and other associations, as well as NGOs,
  • Support for NGOs by means of publishing activities for the public benefit (The Smile of the Child, Médecins Sans Frontières, Make a wish etc.),
  • Sponsorships to student-groups participating in moot courts and other international student competitions.

Here at Nomiki Bibliothiki we do our best to protect the environment, by:

  • Recycling around 5 tons of paper annually,
  • Using modern air-conditioning units (inverter), which ensure energy efficiency and are non-polluting,
  • Replacing all lighting units in our premises with modern energy-saving LED lights and light bulbs,
  • Recycling all machinery and electronics upon replacement by newer models.
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