Why publish with Nomiki Bibliothiki

The publishing model of NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI – a unique one indeed in the Greek publishing arena – ensures all the necessary human resources and infrastructure to provide authors any support needed to enable completion of their work.

Our Production-DTP and Atelier department, operating within the headquarters of NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI, oversee pagination, styling and formatting of our publications, ensuring technical quality and high artistic appeal in the shortest time available.

Our sales network, among the largest and best organised in the Greek publishing field, employs over 50 individuals, and is active (including our own bookshops) in Athens, Piraeus, Patras and Thessaloniki, thus ensuring simultaneous distribution of our publications across the whole country.

On top of regular promotion and distribution activities through our sales network, each new publication is promoted via extensive advertising in the bimonthly publication NOMIKOS SYMVOULOS (“Advocate”), which is distributed free of charge to around 30.000 legal professionals and businesses.

New publications are further promoted through advertising in the 15 law journals published by NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI, as well as by means of targeted events organised in our premises (adapted for seminars, conferences etc.), weekly electronic newsletters to our clientele, regular presence and participation in most legal and business congresses, and other specific promotional activities.

Researchers and authors contributing to the publications of NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI enjoy a collaboration built upon mutual respect, trust and transparency, in a framework outlined by highly competitive and beneficial financial terms.

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