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NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI (est 1977) holds a leading position in the field of scholarly publications, professional training, software development and other specialized services for legal professionals and businesses of both the public and private sector, and educational institutions in Greece and Cyprus. Headquartered in Athens, in privately owned facilities, including state-of-the art mediation & arbitration center and conference venues, it employs 110 highly trained individuals and has its own sales and distribution network with branches in Athens, Piraeus, Patras, Thessaloniki as well as in Cyprus.


The in house publishing production, which reaches more than 150 titles per year, including 15 high-profile scientific journals in the field of law and economy, the house’s in-house editorial team – many members of which hold PhD degrees, the early adoption of technological innovations in all aspects of publishing work, and the highly qualified academics and authors collaborating with NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI, have rendered its publications a point of reference for reliability, consistency and credibility for state courts, academics, practitioners and businesses.

Professional Training

Since 2000, NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI offers a wide range of highly regarded professional training courses, including seminars, conferences and other educational programs for legal and financial professionals as well as for businesses. In 2014, it obtained its certification as a continuing education and lifelong learning center from the National Organization for the Certification of Qualification & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) and the Greek Ministry of Education, collaborating with esteemed trainers as well as domestic and foreign educational institutions to provide top quality education in new and dynamically emerging fields of law and economics.


In the area of new technologies, the innovative legal Software ALMA Pro, which is the result of product research and development by NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI has introduced the use and exploitation of the advantages of technology in everyday legal and judicial practice, optimizing productivity and efficiency in day-to-day operations. Currently, the legal departments of major banking institutions, businesses and other organizations, as well as law firms and thousands of lawyers throughout Greece use the ALMA line of legal software products to stay organized with document and contact management, scheduling, time tracking, timesheets and billing features, library management and real estate management and much more.

Arbitration & ADR Facilities

Since 2000, NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI has hosted in its premises hundreds of national and international arbitral proceedings providing, among others, administrative and secretarial support, conference and hearing rooms tailored to the needs of the proceedings, translation services, state-of-the-art technical and audiovisual equipment, recording of hearings and transcripts in printed and digital format, access to up-to-date legal library and database, and safe keeping of arbitration files and documents.

Since January 2017, the newly founded EODID Athens Arbitration and Mediation Organization (, a legal entity affiliated with NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI, takes this experience a step further and offers comprehensive alternative dispute resolution support services. Located in the center of Athens, within the premises of NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI, EODID has expanded NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI’s ADR hosting activity, providing 10 fully equipped rooms, with a maximum capacity ranging from 6 up to 180 persons, adaptable to the needs of every dispute resolution process.


Every year, NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI’s exceptional and highly adaptable conference facilities frequently host scientific conferences, trainings, workshops and other activities of scholarly associations, law firms, NGOs, businesses and organizations from Greece and abroad.

Awards & Distinctions

NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI has been awarded for its growth and performance, as a result of its consistent efforts to constantly upgrade the quality of its publishing, education services and other services.

In 2000, it was listed by the European Association for Growth and Entrepreneurship “Europe's 500” for its achievement in generating growth and jobs, as one of the 500 most dynamically developing Europe's small and medium-sized enterprises achieving within a five years period a growth that surpassed 400% in manpower and turnover. Since then, it has several times been included by EU XXIII Directory among “Europe’s 500 dynamic entrepreneurs”.
In 2010, NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI was granted a business excellence award by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) for achieving an outstanding level of sustainable excellence, based on assessment against the EFQM Excellence Model.
As a result of its pursuit of innovation, NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI was granted a Silver Award for its educational platform in the category “Internet, Internet of Things, Mobility & E-Commerce – Online Learning Systems” at the Business IT Excellence (BITE) Awards 2016. NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI has been recognized as a leader in Lifelong Learning training programs, having received a Silver Award in this category for two consecutive years at the Education Business Awards 2017 and the Education Leaders Awards 2018 respectively, along with a Gold Award in the “Employability of Graduates” category at the Education Leaders Awards 2018, for its Paralegal and Data Protection Officer Certification Programs.
As of 2017, the lifelong learning center of NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI holds the ISO 29990:2010 Certification for delivering high quality learning services for non-formal education and training.

Corporate Social Responsibility

NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI honors and supports the Greek legal community. It strongly believes giving back to the community is critical in its role as corporation and that is why it is actively involved in corporate social responsibility initiatives, including several sponsorships to scientific NGOs, granting scholarships to postdoctoral researchers and other grants to scholarly associations, Bar Associations, courts, correctional facilities, university libraries, sports legal associations etc.

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