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Lifelong learning in NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI

The need of the legal and business community for constant updates and continuous training in the ever changing institutional framework, the jurisprudential developments and the relevant applications in the rule of law and the economy, led NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI (NB) in 2000 to establish its own Life Long Learning Centre (LLLC).

The mission of LLLC NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI (LLLC NB) is to contribute, on an on going basis, to producing new knowledge and to cultivating new skills for its students, all of which are essential to helping them provide high quality legal and financial services.

Every year more than 150 specialized seminars and training programs are organized. Moreover, 10 internally recognized national and international conferences are formulated in cooperation with distinguished lecturers, universities, scientific and professional bodies. In parallel, LLLC NB hosts or co organizes different academic programs from Europe and USA.

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LLLC NB is licensed by the Greek Ministry of Education and the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) as a Life Long Learning Centre. It is certified ISO 29990:2010. Given its growth NV has been awarded by the European Commission, among its distinguished awards, as well d, among other awards include distinctions, has been repeatedly winninggained several Silver and Gold Awards in the annual meeting «Education Leaders Awards».

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