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Product Id: 14905
5th Panhellenic Conference of e-THEMIS
Editor: 4th Panhellenic Conference e-THEMIS
Author: N. Antoniou, E. Vagena, M. Zoulovits,, P. Kalampouka-Giannopoulou, Chr. Kapartziani, G. Kotsiras, Sp. Leivadopoulos, K. Margellou, E. Panagiotidou, F. Panagopoulou-Koutnatzi, G. Papadopoulos, A. Papathanasiou, A. Papakonstantinou, Β. Παπακωνσταντίνου, E. Perakis, Γ. Ραυτογιάννης, K. Rokas , Β. Σαμαρτζή, S. Tassis, Π. Τσουγκριάνης, Β. Τσουκαλά, Γ. Φιτσιάλος, Θ. Χίου
ISBN: 978-960-562-348-7
Evdoxus: 50660158
Shape: 17 x 24
Pages: 326
Publication year: 2014
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  • Book (printed)
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  • Book (printed) + e Book
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