A Letter to Teachers

«The fate of nations depends on the education of youth», Aristotle (384 – 322 B.C.)

We are constantly concerned with how we can educate our children to help them develop and grow into free and responsible adults, with clarity of thought, emotional strength and a free spirit. We firmly believe that it is absolutely necessary to be educated as active citizens since our childhood. It is in our common interest to realize early on that in a democratic society there are values and rules designed to protect our rights and to clearly establish our obligations.

This is the vision of the Nomiki Bibliothiki for Kids: to help our children understand fundamental principles and values which will enable them to become active citizens who will assert their rights and defend the rights of others in a society governed by fairness and solidarity.

Through numerous pleasantly read and at the same time educating stories inspired in their experiences and everyday life, our children are given the opportunity to learn about basic legal concepts and institutions; information that will be a valuable asset in their life later on. Because an informed child … is clearly a stronger, more confident and safer child! Knowledge is power. And it is very important for children to learn that it is necessary ... to learn!

Nomiki Bibliothiki for Kids hopes – and works to that end – that its book series will be a useful tool in the hands of teachers. For this reason, a series of Workshops, Seminars, Educational Programs and Experiential Workshops are organized under its auspices.

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