Nomiki Bibliothiki publishes 14 scientific journals and approximately 150 books per year, covering all fields of law

The company’s publications are of interest to lawyers (primarily those qualified in Greece and Cyprus), judges, notaries, bailiffs, land registrars, undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, academic institutions, law schools, legal departments of public authorities and private entities, police authorities, independent authorities, ministries and other government departments, courts and mediators.

Oikonomiki Bibliothiki and Economia Publishing publish 3 scientific journals and 30 books per year, covering the fields of Taxation/Accounting and Finance / Management / Entrepreneurship.

These publications are of particular interest to accountants, tax consultants, economists, business consultants and business executives.

Νomiki Bibliothiki for Kids is a series of publications for schoolchildren and also parents, teachers and school libraries.

Anoikti Bibliothiki and Kerkyra Publishing focus on a broader audience, covering subjects such as Jurisprudence–History of Law, Philosophy of Law–Political Science, Management–Marketing, Financial and Business History, Essays–Testimonials–Literature, Biographies, Coffee table books, Quality of life–Personal development.

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