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A veteran hotelier with over 25 years experience in the hotel and tourism industry, Peter Alatsas, has travelled to some of the most exotic locations in the world. And it was during these travels that he delved into world philosophies, and world culture. In this his latest book, Diplomats and Doorma...

Minos Zombanakis, born in a small Cretan village in 1926, rose during the course of a 50-year career to become one of the leading figures in the global banking industry. On the way he faced the ravages of war, talked his way into Harvard, faced down the sceptics, and pioneered many of the techniques...

A personal narrative spanning close to sixty years of a career in shipping - from the authorʼs humble beginnings in Chios Island in the 1930s, to apprenticeship and early work in London in the 1950s, and further to the establishment of a highly respected practice in Piraeus from the 1960s onwards, u...


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