Taxation Law

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The procedure according to the Code of Public Revenue Collection, the Tax Procedure Code, the Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure

This book discusses in a concise and comprehensive manner a part of the State’s budgetary management that is significant to many actors (lawyers, public administration officials), i.e. the assessment and recovery of tax revenue. The authors deal with all relevant issues, including: legal title, ser...
The book contains diagrams presenting the Code for Tax Procedures (L. 4174/2013), the provisions of the Code of Administrative Procedure (L. 2717/1999) which relate specifically to tax disputes, as well as the provisions for the enforcement of payment of tax debts (L. 4174/2013, LD 356/1974). The bo...

Necessity and Contradictions

This work aims at recording the numerous applications of the presumption method, with a view to giving credit to the various views expressed over the years with regard to its usefulness; it also aims at pointing out the inherent weaknesses of the Greek taxation system, precisely on the basis of this...

Practical Application

This 3rd, updated edition is a continuation of the attempt on providing a thorough presentation and interpretation of all tax provisions of Greek Law No 2859/2000. The layout of this volume is designed to facilitate a presentation of the integration of all revisions in the main text of the above-men...

Interpretation & Accounting

This 7th updated edition is an attempt at offering a comprehensive interpretation of all tax provisions governing income taxation from 2017 onwards; the analysis includes useful applications and examples. In particular, the authors analyse all relevant general provisions and taxation terms, along wi...
In the present 14th (fourteenth) edition of this book, a collection of answers to questions posed by the readers of the magazine “Epixeirisi’’ (Business), is being presented. All the selected answers have been updated, according to the latest legislative changes and the clarifications of the Tax Adm...

Initiatives, standards and codes - Tools for assessing public financial management - Fiscal rules and fiscal councils - The Greek fiscal reform

The concept of fiscal transparency is not new. It constitutes a fundamental principle of the budgetary law along with the other traditional budget principles. However, the concept has evolved over time and today is really at the heart of the initiatives for the improvement of fiscal governance. Vari...

Instructions for filling in tax returns

In tax returns of legal entities for tax year 2016, every single code of the tax form ‘N’ is presented with supplementary instructions, comments, relevant tax provisions, with reference to all supporting documents. Examples of filling in the uniform form N are provided....

Instructions for filling in tax returns (Tax forms E1, E2, E3)

Tax returns of individuals for tax year 2016 i.e. for the income earned in that year, are presented with instructions, comments, relevant tax provisions, as well as a reference to all the necessary supporting documents, that should be thereby submitted. Step-by-step accurate analysis of the correct ...
The research topic of the present work concerns the abusive tax avoidance in the field of direct taxation, while a specific reference to reorganisations of companies is made, mainly in the light of the Merger Directive 2009/133/EC regarding the implementation of a common system of taxation applicabl...
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