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Minos Zompanakis, born in a small Cretan village in 1926, rose, during his 50-year career, to be one of the leading personalities of the global banking industry. In the meantime, he confronted the atrocities of war, he managed to get into Harvard, he contradicted the skepticists and he has been a pi...
The fascinating soulful book of the author Nikos Gatzogiannis (Nicholas Gage) with references to real people, dates and locations
This book was translated in twenty six languages, won the Heinemann award of the Royal Society of Literature in Great Britain as the best book in 1984 and was captured as a movie in 1985, starring John Malkovich and Kate Nelligan. President of the Greek Republic, Karolos Papoulias, prefacing the 2n...
Two authors – One decade
An unexpected meeting of two authors – Vassilis Vassilikos and Nikos Papandreou, who have different views but share a common approach –that of with literary writing– to public life aspects in post-war Greece, where the political subject matter meets ethnography – from the columns of the monthly jour...

Globalization, that as a multi-level phenomenon is intensifying more and more, raises an area of consideration that expands way beyond its economic dimension. Culture, that tends to refer simultaneously to the regional, national and global level, constitutes a subject matter that modern media refor...
A war epic poem, of another era, with different ethics, traditions and habits, but still so timely!
The author tried to translate the Iliad into modern Greek in order to make it accessible for all readers, regardless of their education, without of course altering Homer’s epic poem, which is incomparable and unique among millions of other masterpieces of the great authors and intellectuals of manki...
A magnificent epic poem, written for any of us, with illustrations that look weaved!
The Odyssey is a heroic narration of another distant era and society, with different ethics and traditions, as well as a different mental structure. Of course it is addressed to all the people, who, at that time, had little knowledge, compared to the average citizen of our era, but had a clearer min...


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