Criminal Law

Publication Year:

Legislation & Case law – Theory & Practice

Scientific Direction: I. Manoledakis, L. Margaritis
Editing direction: L. Margaritis
Category: Publications, Journals, Criminal Law
A monthly law journal specializing in the field of criminal law and monitoring the legislative developments in that field. National legislation is divided into specific thematic units. Furthermore, this journal includes judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, judgments of foreign courts and...

Annual edition of the Corfu Bar Association

It constitutes a periodical edition of the Corfu Bar Association that covers the area of the Ionian Sea and mainly the Region of the Court of Appeal of Corfu. It is published once a year and has various contents. Every issue of this journal includes articles and experts' opinions on current matters ...

Articles – Book Presentations – Scientific Conferences

Editing direction: I. Farsedakis
Category: Publications, Journals, Criminal Law
A contemporary law journal specializing in the field of Criminology law.It is published twice a year and includes studies, articles, presentations of the outcomes of research – reports, overview of conferences – symposia – seminars, an overview of relevant Greek and foreign bibliography, book revi...

Quarterly Legal Overview of the Piraeus Bar Association

Subscriptions to this journal are managed by the Piraeus Bar Association.
(210 4115703, 210 4220625)
Under the supervision of the Piraeus Bar Association, this journal covers national case law, categorized by field of law: Civil, Administrative, Commercial, Labour, Maritime, Penal, Civil Procedure. It is complemented with European case law and relevant articles / studies addressing current legal is...


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