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The legal agreements for the exploration of the offshore fields in the upstream sector

The book contains a thorough analysis on all issues pertaining to energy development in the Caspian Sea: hydrocarbons’ presentation, geological characteristics, environmental and economic data of the five coastal zones, as well as detailed documentation of the diplomatic history of the Caspian Sea...
Land planning and urban planning are procedures that always take place into a specific economic and social context, with which they are thus inevitably strictly associated. This book constitutes a more or less complete presentation of land planning and urban planning law, as they were both formed an...
A publication both in printed and digital format, up to date to include all amendments introduced under Law No. 4465/2017 (Government Gazette issue A 47/4.4.2017), Presidential Decree No. 133/2016 (Government Gazette issue A 242/29.12.2016, Law No. 4446/2016 (Government Gazette issue A 240/22.12.201...
The Right to Personality is a novel and difficult area of the Law. Is there a right to personality to begin with, or is there no right but a complex of aspirations and more specific elements, such as defamation and privacy? Different jurisdictions deal with the matter in different ways. The author i...

Volume I (art. 1-461), 2nd ed

The current 2nd edition of this two-volume collective work offers a comprehensive interpretation of the articles 1-461 of the Greek Code of Criminal Procedure. In a concise manner it covers the wide range of topics regulated by the articles of the CCP following the amendments introduced under Laws 4...

Έννομες συνέπειες -μία σύζευξη του αστικού δικαίου με το αστικό δικονομικό δίκαιο στην περίπτωση της δικαστικής πληρεξουσιότητας

Το βιβλίο «Η έλλειψη πληρεξουσιότητας κατά την κατάρτιση σύμβασης» έχει ως αντικείμενο το δίκαιο της πληρεξουσιότητας, τόσο από την πλευρά του Αστικού δικαίου όσο και από την πλευρά του Αστικού δικονομικού δικαίου. Συγκεκριμένα, η έρευνα εστιάζει στις έννομες συνέπειες της έλλειψης πληρεξουσιότητας,...

From an Economic Analysis of Law Perspective

The current book concentrates on the legal matter of the adjudication of moral damages in Greece, a legal matter which concerns almost daily the Greek Courts. The book aims at facilitating the legal practitioners towards two directions. On one hand, it makes analytical reference to the up to day app...

The new legal framework following the enactment of Greek Law No 4384/2016

This book fills an existing vacuum in legal scholarship as regards the interpretation of cooperative legal rules, as applicable to agricultural cooperatives. This interpretation is offered in the light of the international cooperative principles and taking into account the new legislative framework ...

Volume I (articles 1-234) - 3rd edition

This 3rd edition of “The Greek Penal Code - A Commentary” was rendered necessary following the enactment of Greek Laws No 4249/2014, 4254/2014, 4258/2014, 4262/2014, 4267/2014, 4268/2014, 4274/2014, 4285/2014, 4312/2014, 4315/2014, 4322/2015, 4337/2015, 4356/2015, 4411/2016, 4443/2016, 4478/2017, 45...

The Law of the World Trade Organization

This book examines the multiple challenges and manifestations of the law of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The analysis embarks from the various phases of evolution of international economic law and discusses the factors which shape international economic relations. The main part of the book is...
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