Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

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Assessment of a newly introduced obligation

Conference Proceedings [17.3.2018]

This book comprises the contributions and interventions presented at the Conference, organized by the Bar Association of Serres, held in Serres on 17.3.2018, entitled “Mandatory recourse to mediation, pursuant to Greek Law No 4512/2018”. Debating various issues regarding the newly introduced obligat...
Article-by-article commentary and analysis of Law 3898/2010
Mediation was officially introduced in the Greek legal order as a means of alternative civil and commercial dispute resolution by Law 3898/2010, in compliance with Directive 2008/52/EC. This volume presents the historic route of the institution of mediation, from its appearance in the Anglo-Saxon wo...
Theory and Technique of Structuring a Common International Interest
This edition describes the international negotiations process, through a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach within its special scope of application. International negotiations are examined as a structured procedure for establishing relationships of international common interest and as an ...

“Contributions to International Environmental Negotiation in the Mediterranean Contextʼʼ is the second publication in a series of Studies published under the auspices of the Mediterranean Programme for International Environmental Law and Negotiation (MEPIELAN). The MEPIELAN Studies in International ...
In this edition, experienced mediators and mediation instructors guide the Greek readers step by step into the world of mediation. The concept of mediation and the steps of the process are described briefly but comprehensively. This edition also includes basic information on understanding the way ...
10 Strategies for all
This edition constitutes a significant reference for the international bibliography in the field of alternative dispute resolution. It is of remarkable help for alternative dispute resolution in the workplace, offering an analysis of ten strategies for all parties concerned. In order to be able to d...
Minutes and Conclusions of the International Seminar “Civil & Commercial Mediation in Cross-border Disputes”


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