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The “Actions in Law of Property II” completes the subject-matter of the two-volume project covering substantive and procedural issues which arise from the application of the law of real property, including the main actions lodged in this field. The thematic units explore the protection of pledge, mo...

Δογματική και μεθοδολογική θεώρηση της νομής και της κατοχής υπό το πρίσμα των άρθρων 904 επ. ΑΚ

Η προστασία της φυσικής εξουσίασης επί αντικειμένων της ιδιωτικής συναλλαγής συνιστά κλάδο του αστικού δικαίου, ο οποίος διαμορφώθηκε διαχρονικά, από τη ρωμαϊκή εποχή έως σήμερα. Ειδικά στον ηπειρωτικό χώρο η αντίστοιχη επιρροή των γερμανόφωνων νομομαθών του 19ου αι. υπήρξε σημαντική, εξέλιξη που άφ...
Law of management and protection of environmental goods

This book explores issues concerning access to a public road of the owners of real property that lacks such exit, access to a residential building's spaces of common use for co-owners who do not have any, the different types of roads, their construction and joint use, and the protection of those ent...
This book analyses the actions lodged in the framework of real property law and approaches the material and procedural issues arising therefrom. In specific thematic units, the author explores the protection of owner-like possession, ownership, easements, usufruct, occupancy and selected neighborhoo...
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As in force following Greek Law No. 4170/2013

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