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Comparative study of English and Greek law

This thesis is based on the study of the doctrine of frustration in the english law of charterparties, the institution that is leading to the automatic termination of a charterparty when the change of circumstances renders impossible the fulfillment of the contractual obligations and that change of ...
A publication both in printed and digital format, up to date to include all amendments introduced under Law No. 4465/2017 (Government Gazette issue A 47/4.4.2017), Presidential Decree No. 133/2016 (Government Gazette issue A 242/29.12.2016, Law No. 4446/2016 (Government Gazette issue A 240/22.12.201...

An introduction to the federal law and the laws of Fifty States

This textbook contains an analysis of free and unfair competition law of the USA and of the fifty states. The author, Charalampos Stamelos, focuses on the US competition law and in the next fifty chapters on the competition case laws and statutes of the respective fifty states. In each chapter, ther...

The case of take or pay clauses

This book surveys the existing theoretical and empirical research on long-term natural gas supply contracts emphasizing the importance of take or pay clauses, their interdependence with security of supply and their economic fundamentals as mechanisms in energy project financing. Since liberalization...


Stock warrants and Covered Warrants

Stock warrants and Covered warrants are securities, which entitle their owner to acquire shares in listed or unlisted companies, at his discretion and on pre-agreed terms. They are widely recognised as complex financial instruments, encompassing high leverage, amplified investment risk and asymmetri...

Legal and Institutional views

On March 25th and 26th 2016 took place in Thessaloniki the 7th Conference of Greek Jurists’ Union ‘e-Themis’ on «Credit Institutions – Legal and Institutional views». This book contains 17 of the contributions that were presented at the conference. The purpose of the Conference was to examine crucia...
This volume discusses various issues regarding the liability of the Directors of legal entities arising from  their tax obligations. The book is structured into three parts, analyzing the following aspects: (a) the criminal liability of the  Directors of legal  entities under Article 66 et seq. of t...

Civil law issues related to the state guarantees

In times of crisis, State guarantees may facilitate the access of private undertakings to the bank finance and credit. This study deals with the civil law issues arising at the time of conclusion or in the course of performance of the relative loan contracts....

This book represents the first publication in the greek jurisprudence which aims to procure its readers -not necessarily belonging to the legal pro­fession- with a clear insight on the most important topics of an E&C program according to the international best practice. Its authors, corporate law la...
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