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A reading of the EU acquis

The purpose of the study is to highlight the EU acquis with regard to NRAs (National Regulatory Authorities) in selected sectors. The study focusses on the current legislative framework and sheds light on a number of discrepancies that are observed between the different sectors, while proposing an a...
A publication both in printed and digital format, up to date to include all amendments introduced under Law No. 4465/2017 (Government Gazette issue A 47/4.4.2017), Presidential Decree No. 133/2016 (Government Gazette issue A 242/29.12.2016, Law No. 4446/2016 (Government Gazette issue A 240/22.12.201...

Institutional and Substantive Law

Expanded beyond all expectations, the EU law touches almost all aspects of EU citizens’ lives. The second edition of The Law of the European Union examines all its core constitutional and substantial topics. From the history and institutional structure of the EU to the internal market and the EU Pol...

Legal aspects & Implementation

This book addresses various issues arising in the context of the recently introduced Reg. (EU) 2016/679 on the General Data Protection of natural persons with regard to the processing and free movement of personal data (GDPR). Its main purpose is to inform and prepare -to the best possible extent- l...
A Comparison between the French and Greek Legal Framework in the light of EU Law
Confronted by his own violence and the forces of nature, man has consistently expressed the need to be protected. However, the right of security does not appear explicitly as a constitutional norm. Security requires, legally, the adaptation of law to the digital era. As such, data processing forms t...

The purpose of this book is to provide answers to a number of crucial issues concerning the protection of personal data within the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. It investigates whether the current data protection legislative framework is adequate to meet the challenges posed by specific tec...

Selected Issues

By its incorporation into the Community legal order, the Rule of Law principle lies in the center of the European Union's value identity. A principle of universal and horizontal nature requires respect by the Union's institutions in the exercise of their competences, particularly when it comes to th...

Construction, Deepening, Democracy and Rule of Law Issues

This book explores the European Economic Governance mechanisms, i.e. the system of rules, mechanisms and procedures gradually introduced for the coordination and supervision of the economic policies of the European Union Member States. It explores, therefore, the legal and institutional dimensions o...

Twist and shifts in the institutional architecture of the EMU

The purpose of this study is to investigate whether the responses to the current financial crisis, as set up by the EU and its Member States, have impacted –and, if so, to what extent– on the institutional architecture of the EMU, and more specifically on the mechanism of coordination of national ec...
This second volume examines the substantive Law of the European Union from the standpoint of its Economic Constitution. Starting from the examination of the internal market and the fundamental principle of free movement, the book examines the evolution of the European Union on the basis of the «spil...
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