Comparative Law

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Θεμέλια και αλληλεπίδραση με το δίκαιο της Ηπειρωτικής Ευρώπης

Η παρούσα μελέτη επιχειρεί να αναδείξει τα βασικά κεφάλαια της αγγλο-αμερικανικής συνταγματικής ιστορίας και επιστήμης, με έμφαση στην επίδρασή της στη διαμόρφωση των πολιτικών και συνταγματικών θεσμών, σε συνάρτηση με το δίκαιο της Ηπειρωτικής Ευρώπης.  Η σκέψη της ελληνικής συνταγματικής θεωρίας...
The Anglo-Saxon influence on 18th-19th century Continental Europe
This edition focuses on the historical institutions of the legal orders which exerted significant influence on shaping the law. The legal orders of England, the United States of America, France and Germany are explored. The authors analyse the details pertaining to those four legal orders; following...

This edition is a concise, comprehensive introduction to the extremely interesting field of comparative law. Among other issues, the author explores the range of legal systems, the definition and sources of comparative law, the procedure and objectives of the comparison and the distinction between ...

This edition comments on topics such as legal pluralism in both oral laws of indigenous populations and the protection of cultural objects, the identity of collectors and their particularities, the archeological collections, the collecting practices, the role of private collectors in the establishme...


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