Law of Sports

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Sport and coaching services

The constantly increasing financial activity in sports and the competition of sports clubs-companies within the framework of victory, distinction and the increase of their income, affect inversely the athlete’s freedom and his development, according to his personal strengths. Thus, the need for de...

Αθλητικό Διεθνές Δίκαιο - Lex Sportiva

Το έργο «Διεθνείς Αθλητικοί και Ολυμπιακοί Θεσμοί - Αθλητικό Διεθνές Δίκαιο - LexSportiva» προέρχεται από το σύγγραμμα Διεθνείς αθλητικοί και ολυμπιακοί θεσμοί, που αποτέλεσε το πρώτο βήμα μελέτης των διεθνών και ολυμπιακών θεσμών και σχέσεων. Το βιβλίο διατρέχει τη σύγχρονη διεθνή αθλητική δράση κ...
Sports Law Code
A complete compilation of the main legislation concerning sports law. This volume presents the constitutional and European provisions about sports and main Law no. 2725/1999, as in force following Law no. 3372/2005. It also includes legislation about the Olympic and Paralympic Committee, the sports ...
Sports Law Code
This edition constitutes a complete collection of the main legislation concerning sports law. It includes legislation on gyms, physical education at schools, multilateral contracts in sports (European Sports Charter, European Anti-Doping Convention), as well as texts of international practice concer...
Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)


This edition addresses the subject of labour relations in sports. It presents the basic concepts of labour relations. This book explores the provision of sports services, contracts of athletes and their insurance, as well as the impact of EU law on professional-paid athletes. This volume analyzes co...
Systematic documentation - Implementation
Sports Jurisdiction
Hellenic Center of Research on Sports Law (HCRSL)
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