Medical Law

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After an Introduction, indicating the fundamental parameters of medical civil liability in greek law and internationally, the book starts with the presentation of the legal provisions on the matter, with emphasis on the greek code of medical ethics. Furthermore the book examines the main topics of m...
On May 2017 the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Laboratory for the Research of Medical Law and Bioethics ( lab) in collaboration with the Medical and the Bar Associations of Thessaloniki organised their 1st International Conference on “Medicine, Law and the Inte...

Legal assessment – Patient’s rights – Examples of case law

This research study examines the legal framework for hospital infections in Greece, as well as the initiatives taken by the Greek state to reduce the rate of hospital infections. Interestingly, hospital infections show an increase in Greece and move above 10%, compared to the EU average of 6%. At th...
This book examines public law of health, i.e. a branch of public law which includes both rules governing the organization of public health services and rules for the respect of hygiene and safety, such as rules controlling private and public health services and health professionals. Public law of he...
Moral, medical and legal issues
This edition includes the contributions of the two public events that took place within the framework of the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Study Programme “Current medical acts: legal regulation and bioethical dimension” and were organized by the Schools of Theology, Medicine, Law and Dentistry of ...
General concepts & Special issues
This book addresses the subject-matter of Disaster Medicine. Following a historical overview, this edition analyzes the fundamental concepts in Medicine Law, the penal assessment of medical acts, the criminal liability for negligence in medical operations, the patient's informed consent, the crimin...
Extent of insurance coverage - “Occurrence” and “claims made” clauses
Special Issues in Medicine Law
This book presents the contributions of a seminar organized by the National School of Judges on 28-29 March 2013 entitled “Medical liability for negligence (civil – criminal) – Special issues in medicine law”. This edition includes the following contributions: “Medical negligence and concerns about...
Special treatment of developing countries
EU & Greek Law
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