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Applications of Substantive and Procedural Administrative Law

This second updated edition of “Applications of Substantive and Procedural Administrative Law” comprises an analysis of specific matters falling within the jurisdiction of ordinary administrative courts, such as tax disputes, State liability and social security law. The analysis includes an interp...

European public policies for the reform of judicial system

Τhis study introduces innovative proposals for substantive reforms to the system of administrative justice in Greece. A very important dialogue has developed in European organisations about the future of justice and in this framework the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice has publishe...
The “Citizens  University” is an institution functioning in the framework of the University of Athens by Professors emeriti. Ιt is addressed mainly to simple citizens and intents to convey to them elements of knowledge from various disciplines. The first series of lectures took place in the year 201...

The “Law of Internet” is a collection of laws, which is the first attempt to codify the law of Internet in Greece. The material of this book is organized in three chapters: public, private and penal law of Internet. Recent technological developments concerning Internet caused rapidly legislative ref...

Ενωσιακό – Συνταγματικό – Διοικητικό – Ποινικό – Αστικό – Εμπορικό – Εργατικό

Το έργο «Εισαγωγή στο δίκαιο» αποτελεί ένα γενικό και συνοπτικό εγχειρίδιο που διατρέχει τις σημαντικότερες έννοιες και πληροφορίες των βασικών επιμέρους δικαίων, δηλαδή του Συνταγματικού, του Διοικητικού, του Ποινικού, του Αστικού, του Εμπορικού και του Εργατικού δικαίου. Στη δεύτερη έκδοση, ενόψε...
3ο Επιστημονικό Συνέδριο της Ένωσης Ελλήνων Δημοσιολόγων (ΕΕΔ), Αθήνα 1 και 2 Δεκεμβρίου 2015
Το βιβλίο περιλαμβάνει 20 μελέτες βασισμένες σε ομιλίες του 3ου θεματικού Επιστημονικού Συνεδρίου της Ένωσης Ελλήνων Δημοσιολόγων (ΕΕΔ) με θέμα «Το Δημόσιο Δίκαιο μέσα από τις αποφάσεις των Δικαστηρίων» που διεξήχθη την Τρίτη 1 και την Τετάρτη 2 Δεκεμβρίου 2015 στην αίθουσα εκδηλώσεων του Νομικού Συ...
The European experience
This edition presents the texts drafted by the Commission Européenne pour l’ efficacité de la Justice (CEPEJ) and the Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE), falling within the Council of Europe, which have been further translated by Judges and Public Prosecutors, CEPEJ experts, and focus on...
Congress of the Association of Greek Public Law Legal Professionals
This edition includes the studies of distinguished legal professionals, presented in a congress with the topic “Administrative Justice”, organized by the Association of Greek Public Law Legal Professionals on 3 & 4 December 2014. The contributors explore critical and current issues regarding the ad...

This edition includes several essays of Anastasios Marinos, Vice President Emeritus of the Hellenic Council of State, holder of a PhD at the University of Athens and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Chairman of the Society for Administrative Studies for more than twenty years (1992-2014), a...
The Anglo-Saxon influence on 18th-19th century Continental Europe
This edition focuses on the historical institutions of the legal orders which exerted significant influence on shaping the law. The legal orders of England, the United States of America, France and Germany are explored. The authors analyse the details pertaining to those four legal orders; following...
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