Modern Greek Culture

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Marika Mitsotaki, wife, mother and cook extraordinaire, serves up a lifetime of memories: about her mother and mentor in things culinary; about the serious blow to her health when as a child she was struck by polio; about her meeting Kostas Mitsotakis, their courtship, marriage and the arrival of th...

The book interrogates the construction of modern Greek identity in Theodorakisʼ music. After examining the composerʼs musical and political life in connection with Greeceʼs modern history and culture, the author focuses on characteristic works of varying genres− from Axion Esti and The Song of the D...
Unraveling Ariadneʼs Thread
"Crete is an island where many people from different countries, cultures and religions have lived and have left their traces. So isnʼt music in Crete today a product of all these mixtures and cultural elements?"Dr. Hnarakiʼs self-posed question is answered in the affirmative as the author takes the ...


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