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How can tourism achieve economic development? What is its relation with crisis in its various forms: economic, political, social or organizational? How recessions and depressions have interacted with tourism in the past? Does tourist development follow cyclical slowdowns? Can innovation in tourism b...

“The LSE committee selected five outstanding young researchers. Each fulfilled the obligations of the fellowship admirably. In recognition of the success of the fellowship, we thought it appropriate to take this opportunity to bring together papers by each of our fellows that reflect on the research...
A guide for foreign managers
To foreign managers in Greece that wish to manage by having in their eyes and in their mind the full picture and the crucial details of the national regulatory approach, the Greek labour market and the national employment relations framework often appear as a modern-day labyrinth because of country ...
This book presents a rounded approach to Greek maritime history, covering a wide range of themes from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. It discusses Greek shipping enterprises in Greece and abroad, focusing on seamen, merchants and shipowners. It looks at nineteenth-century port cities and tod...

Business and the Olympic Games have always maintained close ties. The challenge-especially today-has been striking a balance between financing the Olympic Games and supporting the Olympic Movement. An issue of extensive implications, it has fuelled many heated debates.“The Business of Olympic Games ...


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