Industrial innovation & transformation in Postwar Greece (1950-1973) and invisible truths

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Dr Lefteris Anastasakis

This English version of the original Greek edition aims to acquaint the non-Greek reader with the postwar history of Greece, focusing on industrial development from 1950 until 1973. Greece’s industrial and technological history has been, until recently, a neglected field of research. It is the first empirical book that examines postwar technological industries in-depth, and challenges established prejudices prevalent in Greek economic historiography.

Through case studies of seven important companies that accounted for one quarter of Greek industrial output post war, the book analyses how micro-innovations paved the way for Greece’s international success and development. Utilising precise and scrutinised statistical data, this specific history is evidence that the Greek industry had a constructive role in the socio-economic development of Greece after 1950. For readers who enjoyed the sold out Greek first edition, the 500-page second edition is now available.

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