A guide for foreign managers
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Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 70078
  • Έκδοση: 2009
  • Σχήμα: 14X21
  • Βιβλιοδεσία: Εύκαμπτη
  • Σελίδες: 80
  • ISBN: 978-960-8386-94-5
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To foreign managers in Greece that wish to manage by having in their eyes and in their mind the full picture and the crucial details of the national regulatory approach, the Greek labour market and the national employment relations framework often appear as a modern-day labyrinth because of country specific factors.

The regulation mechanisms are fragmented, the relevant legislation remains uncodified and there is very little information available in English on employment regulation and law in Greece. These conditions make the professional life of managers -and especially of foreign managers having to deal with employment regulation issues- more challenging.

Managing Employment Relations in Greece guides foreign managers and their Greek colleagues out of the labyrinth by providing a broader, though concise, picture of the national regulation approach regarding employment relations. For managers have both rights and responsibilities, as do their employees.

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