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Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 70111
Emmanuelides P., Tsavliris G.
  • Έκδοση: 2019
  • Βιβλιοδεσία: Εύκαμπτη
  • Σελίδες: 204
  • ISBN: 978-960-9490-54-2
  • Black friday εκδόσεις: 30%

This book develops a comprehensive framework of winning shipping strategies through the application of established Strategic Management theory to the analysis of the shipping industry, while taking into consideration the many specificities of this hypercompetitive, cyclical, global sector. Empirical evidence is drawn from case studies of leading firms from the thriving Greek shipping community. The synergistic juxtaposition of theory and empirical evidence sheds light in this under-researched vital area of economic activity and leads to useful conclusions about workable strategic typologies and key success factors.

The book is useful for:
• Shipping executives and shipowners who wish to select and implement appropriate shipping strategies in order to maximize operational and financial performance.
• Students and scholars of Shipping and Strategic Management who are provided with empirical evidence and methodological tools to gain a deeper understanding of effective shipping strategies and tο pursue further related research.
• Shipping related professionals who can identify the strategy building blocks that drive success in contemporary shipping.
• International shipping industry observers who can develop a better appreciation of what drives success in Greek-owned shipping.
• Non-shipping professionals or individuals who wish to acquire a basic understanding of this fascinating, yet largely unknown to the general public industry.


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